Welcome to McfISH

Welcome to Scotland, the home of the Atlantic Salmon. Atlantic Salmon return to the rivers of their birth throughout the whole year in Scotland. The fishing season is from 15th January to 30th November.

Spring Fish (January to June) are heavy well conditioned fish weighing 8lb to 25lb with the occasional monster up to 40lb.

Summer fish (June to September), Salmon and grilse run the river systems in more numbers weighing 3lb to 10lb with a mixture of a heavier class up to 15lb.

Autumn Fish (September to November) run the rivers in greater numbers, weighing 5lb to 20lb with a good number of heavier fish in the region of 30lb with the occasional 40lb.

Catching Salmon is a skill, you first of all need to know what rivers can produce fish at each time of the year and be able to secure the best beats, salmon lies, holding places, what fly / lure to use in all different weather conditions. You will need the right equipment rods, reels, lines, lures, clothing, waders, wellies, jackets, nets, the list is endless and it has to be good quality capable of doing a demanding job in all weather conditions.

We at McfISH will put you in the right place at the right time, supply you up with the best of equipment, experts to novices we will teach you to fish with fly rods, spinners or bait, all you would need to bring is normal out door clothing.

We offer a range of trips to fit your needs, from 1 day to 6 day packages suitable for 1 person to parties of 6. Airport pick up, transportation to and from fishing, lunches all included in price.