You will fish the Rivers Tay, Teith, Isla, Spey, Tweed and Annan or Loch Tay, Lomond or Faskally depending on time of year. Fishing methods will be fly, spinning, worm, harling or trawling.

Our guides (known as Ghillies in Scotland) are experienced anglers who know how to winkle a fish out when others canít. Your guide is the key to your success. His advice and guidance will be offered at all times but feel free to interrogate him, he will be only too willing to share his knowledge and become your friend as well as your guide. You will be given advice in all fishing methods and advised the best method of fishing to suit the water you will be fishing.

Typical fishing holidays are 3 days fishing trip including a minimum 2 nightís overnight accommodation or a 6 day fishing trip with a minimum 5 nights accommodation. However, we will accommodate any number of days to suit your requirements. If you are on holiday or flying in for the day you will be picked up from your accommodation or airport and returned to your pick up destination for any time to suit you.

You would be picked up from the airport on arrival. Depending on the time of your arrival and condition, fishing can be arranged for that day, however, it is advisable if you have travelled far to relax on day of arrival. This will ensure you are well rested and fit for the rest of your holiday. Fishing for salmon is a demanding sport although fishing can be adapted to suit all physical abilities.

Each day you will be met by your guide at your accommodation and transported to the river or loch. You will be kitted out in quality fishing equipment, your guide will show you the water and best taking places and will advise on best methodís. Instructions will be provided if he feels it is necessary to improve your chances of a catch.